Friday, October 29, 2010

What are you waiting for?

Judges 4&5
Israel is oppressed – under the lash & chariots of Sisera. After 20 years of defeat the people cry to the Lord for help. The Lord’s response comes as it always does by His word to His servants. Deborah commands Barak to raise an army and take on Sisera at the Kishon River. But Barak is hesitant - God’s promise is not reassuring enough it seems. He’ll go but only if Deborah ‘holds his hand’ (4:8). Barak wants the security of Deborah - maybe he thinks of her as a lucky charm, maybe he's insecure & wants someone of Deborah's status to back him up, perhaps he just wants someone to blame if it all goes wrong. So Deborah will go but as they say, ‘no guts no glory’. The Lord will do His work, but if Barak needs a woman to back him up (remember it’s c1100BC), then it will be a women who gets the honour (4:9).

We know the story - Sisera’s army is routed and the great scourge of Israel is unceremoniously killed by Jabel and her camping equipment. It’s a great victory but in it (as increasingly happens in Judges) there are worrying signs starting to appear among Israel’s leaders. Despite clear guidance from God – Barak wobbles. Taking on Sisera was clearly a risk – so unless he can cover his back and dilute the responsibility he is not willing to take it.

This prevarication ran throughout many parts of Israel it seems. Where was Reuben? Keeping warm and searching his heart (5:15). Where was Gilead? Staying beyond the Jordan (5:17). Where was Dan? Lingering by the ships (5:17). Where was Asher? Staying put at the seaside (5:17). Thankfully there were those like Zebulun and Naptali ready to risk their lives (5:18).

Barak & Israel got there in the end – Praise the Lord. But for Barak and the tribes fretting at the back it was a victory tinged with an element of 'could have been so much better'.

What has God laid on your heart? What is God's word saying to you? Where are you being called to go? What is the Spirit prompting you to do?

So who / what are you waiting for?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Training Day For Bible Teachers

Don't miss this great opportunity to hone and develop your skills in handling the Bible - open to all who teach the Bible in any capacity or who just have an appetite to understand and apply the Bible properly.

Saturday 6th November - 9.30pm to 4.00pm, in Greenview.

Reserve your space or get more info:
Cost £10.00 (bring pack lunch)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Evangelical Eggheads

Forget the X-Factor - the Big One is finally coming to a TV near you - Wed 3rd November, 6pm BBC2

From Jan 2010

In an increasingly desperate attempt to gain sermon anecdotes I took part in BBC2's smash hit series 'Eggheads' (what do you mean you've never heard of it?). Our team was mainly Greenview men along with Phil from Netherauldhouse and Graeme from Peter MacDonald's work.

Below with the Eggheads (various Mastermind winners etc) and host Jeremy Vine.

Jeremy Vine commented on the fact that we were from an evangelical church by mentioning that his parents would have 'taken him down that route' - interesting. I'm afraid though, I can't tell you how we did - you'll just have to watch it! When it's aired hasn't been decided yet - but I'll be sure to post details here as soon as I know.

Below: getting ready for preaching on Sunday morni... eh, for the studio, obviously!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Picked up a copy of Private Eye recently and was reminded how overused jargon infuses every aspect of life - including some of our favourite Christian buzz-words. One of which PE has dedicated a column to!

'We know you'll enjoy using the scheme and feeling part of the Barclays Cyle Hire community' (Welcome letter to users of Boris Johnson's London bike hire Scheme)

'We encourage the tented community to stay vigilant, look out for each other and befriend neighbours' (Festival organiser, Guardian)

'As one member of the hedge community puts: 'if you've got one yew tree next door, you've had it' (Anti-leylandii campaigner, The Times)

'The seizure is sending shockwaves through the super yacht community' (Offshore Red magazine).

Private Eye, October 2010