Tuesday, September 09, 2008

SNAG - Faith or Fantasy

'saturday nights at greenview' 08-09

This winter snag will be looking at aspects of Christian apologetics. Once again a range of well qualified speakers will lead us through our subjects - with opportunity for questions, discussion & fellowship in our cafe setting.

The evenings kick-off at 7.30pm (cafe open from 7pm) and everyone with an interest in finding out how the Christian faith stands up to tough questions is welcome to join us. See below for details.


SNAG talks can be found on-line HERE


The programme is...

Sat 11th October - Don't Leave Your Brain at the Door (Why apologetics is not saying sorry)

Speaker: Donald Ferguson (is a History teacher with a special interest in apologetics and is embarking on studies interacting with the work of Cornelius Van Til)

Sat 8th Nov - Is Anybody There? (Can we be sure God exists?)

Speaker: Dr Tony Sargent (is the Principal of International Christian College in Glasgow, an author and experienced pastor)

Sat 13th Dec - The Problem of Pain (How can God allow evil & suffering?)

Speaker: Prof Ken McPhail (is Professor of Social & Ethical Accounting at Glasgow University and Director of the Centre for Ethical & Legal Philosophy)

Sat 10th Jan - Is Christianity Credible? (Can we have confidence in the Bible?)

Speaker: Dr Bob Fyall (is Senior Tutor in Ministry at the Cornhill Training Course in Glasgow, an Old Testament scholar and experienced pastor)

Sat 21st Feb - Exposing the Cracks (The inadequacies of alternative beliefs)

Speaker: Dr Daniel Frank (is Minister of Mission & Discipleship at Orchardhill Church of Scotland in Glasgow)

Sat 21st Mar - Faith under the Mircoscope (Can science & faith coexist?)

Speaker: Dr Paul Knox (is a Reader in Vision Science at the University of Liverpool, he has a PhD in Neurobiology and was a post doctoral fellow at both Hull and Edinburgh Universities).